The Ultimate Fundraising Secret is Here

The Ultimate Fundraising Secret!

Do you ever shop online and wonder if your purchase could also be earning funds for your organization? Don’t miss out on the fundraising secret to earning made easy!

The ultimate fundraising secret is the Scripsense Shop + Earn Google Chrome Extension! Your question now has a quick and simple answer! Learn how this fun, new feature works below. Installing it is a breeze and you will earn so much more for the organization you care about, with a simple click of a button!

1. To install, click the ‘New! Shop + Earn Reminder’ text in the top right of your dashboard when using Google Chrome.

It will look like this in the top right hand corner of your screen: 

2. Next, click the orange ‘Install Scripsense Shop+Earn button on the page that displays.

3. When you visit a scripsense merchant website in Google Chrome, Scripsense Shop + Earn displays a friendly reminder that you could be earning X% for your organization.

4. Simply click the orange ‘Click Here to Activate’ button. Your Scripsense Shop +Earn is active when the scripsense gold medal is shown!

scripsense shop and earn extension

The Scripsense Shop + Earn Google Chrome extension displays this gold medal message at the top of your browser when you are activated to earn for your organization.

5. Exclusive deals and promo codes for the selected merchant display on the right side of the toolbar. You are now set to earn for your organization!

Login and Install it Now! 

“Wow! Little did I know that was a scripsense merchant, but with the Scripsense Google Extension, I was instantly notified with a pop-up that I was shopping on a scripsense merchant. I simply clicked on the pop-up, chose the campaign I was shopping for and instantly earned 3% on all of Jordyn’s textbooks!”-Gina Kerley, St. Junipero Serra Catholic School Member

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Shop now to help your community.

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