A Tribute to Arnold Palmer, Golf Legend, Philantropic Advocate and Friend of Melinda Masson

Philanthropic Golf Legend Arnold Palmer: Gone, but Never Forgotten

Scripsense salutes the philanthropic King of Golf for his sheer insights to life, friendship, respect and unfathomable dedication to the sport and community he loved most in life, golf.

His good looks, fashionable style, philanthropic efforts and charismatic energy will be missed by us all. CEO and Co-Founder of scripsense, Melinda Masson was able to say her last goodbye to Arnold Palmer a few months back at a community gathering where this photo was taken. She lost a dear friend and mentor, but cherishes the memories and stories she was able to create with him. 

Arnold built a philanthropic legacy of generosity that will continue to live on through the scripsense mission to aid fundraising efforts around the US. As a philanthropist, he championed Arnie’s Army, marching toward a better tomorrow. It encourages leadership on and off the green with the aim of creating a better future for our children who are in need of our support. He also supported charities including Soles4Souls, Neurofibromatosis, Inc. and the Arnold Palmer Foundation. Thank you, Arnold, for your 87 years of dedication to improving communities, inspiring others and the foundation of philanthropy you have built for us all. 

“The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done.” -Arnold Palmer

Today we cheers, Arnold Palmers in hand, to a man who is gone, but never forgotten. His philanthropic legacy lives on through us all.

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