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5 Tips for More Successful Fundraising

Fundraising for organizations

How do I raise more money for my cause?

This is the perennial question on every fundraiser’s mind.  You know your donors are constantly inundated with requests to give money. How does your organization stand out amongst all the requests?

Here are some straight-forward suggestions on how to motivate your donors to give generously and give often.

1. Know your audience. Figure out what will entice them to give. Is it a prize, a gift or simply the satisfaction that they are contributing? If they give a little more, what is the upside for the organization and for them? (Be specific). Since donors have many different motivations, offer a few choices. Then make it as easy as possible for them to sign up and contribute.

2. Make Fundraising More Fun! There are lots of ways to do this. Create a competition or a contest. People feel more motivated to participate when the are competing.  Silent and live auctions, special group prizes and other challenges are a great way to inspire people and create co-opetition while working toward the same goal.

3. Kick off the Campaign with a Splash.  Pre-annouce your campaign and then kick it off right. Use another event, a meeting, an email or whatever your best mode of communicating with your donors. Your audience should know exactly where their donation is going. Is it general funds or a specific activity?  Set a goal and establish a deadline to give them a sense of urgency.

4. Notify people of your progress.  When you remind people about the campaign, report on its progress. “We are 55% toward our goal.” You will also want to remind them about the campaign at several points along the way, especially if it continues for several months. Send periodic messages to your participants, reporting on progress. Remind those who have not contributed that there is still time to join. As the deadline approaches, increase communication, e.g. “You still have 1 week to Contribute”, and/or “Last Day to Donate!”

5. Publicly recognize Big Donors.    A personal thank you as well as a public one will inspire people to donate again next time. You can choose to give thank you gifts, or if budget is tight, a simple public announcement or email is often enough. In addition, make sure you recognize everyone who participated and contributed in any capacity–volunteers, team leads as well as your staff.

Use these easy tips, and you will be well on your way to achieving all your fundraising goals!

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Earn for your Cause when you Shop Online 

Scripsense provides an easy, effective way for organizations to raise money by empowering members to give through their everyday spending at retail stores.

We are thrilled that you have joined us to learn more about how to fundraise using our eGift Card and online shopping platform.

Using scripsense, nonprofits, schools, religious institutions and associations of all types can benefit from more successful fundraising, while requiring significantly less busy-work for coordinators and members.

Why scripsense?

Scripsense is the first online tool that helps organizations and members to:

  • Maximize fundraising by giving members ownership of their spending with hundreds of stores for online shopping and eGift cards.
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  • Increase campaign participation by inviting others to shop and fundraise for their cause.

When members shop for either eGift cards or products and services using scripsense’s shopping program, organizations can keep track of all rebates earned.

How scripsense Works

Sign up and Invite: Organizations sign up with scripsense and invite members to join personalized campaigns or movements. Members can then shop online or purchase eGift cards from stores nationwide. In addition, each member can invite up to 5 additional people to shop for their cause.

Shop and Spend: Members enjoy a unique online shopping experience with hundreds of name-brand stores to choose from. Or they can purchase from the robust eGift Card Gallery, making gifting easy, fun, and sustainable!

Everybody Earns! Members earn rebates for organizations while shopping from any mobile device. Members can also benefit from incentive programs if their organization offers them.
Scripsense is so powerful and easy to use that it has become the one-stop-shop for fundraising campaigns!

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