students embrace a lifestyle of giving

Student Fundraises for New School Chapel by Shopping for 6th Grade Science Camp!

It’s never too early to learn to give back to your community! Primary and secondary school students can fundraise for their school, church, team or non-profit (with a little supervision and guidance from Mom or Dad).

“My Mom and I shopped scripsense for all my Pali Adventure Camp needs and earned funds for the new SJSC Chapel at the same time. Amazon, Nike, CVS, Billabong, Target & Kohl’s had everything on my packing list and Amazon Prime items arrived in 2 days.  I am so excited for 6th grade camp!”

– Grace J, Student at St. Junipero Serra Catholic School

As a parent, you want to teach your kids that giving back to your community is important. Parents also want to educate their kids to be savvy shoppers. Why not explain how your kids can give back and shop smarter at the same time?

Every scripsense purchase has the power to improve your local community. Each electronic gift card or online shopping purchase made through scripsense earns a rebate for your organization in your family’s name. The scripsense platform is very easy to use and younger generations can join in on this lifestyle of giving.

Are your kids heading off to science camp, a team tournament or a field trip in the near future? Teaching students skills to fundraise for their school, church, nonprofit or team as they prepare for these events can be highly rewarding for all!

Here are 3 quick tips to get started:

1. Sit down with your kids and make a checklist together of the items they will need for their school event.

2. Login to scripsense and start shopping for each item on your list.

3. Once all the items are covered, take a look at your scripsense earnings on your dashboard together and explain how these purchases helped the greater good! 

Shop Now to Help Your Community!

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