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Scholarship Fundraising Success at the Masson Family Foundation

What’s the best way to approach scholarship fundraising? Today, scripsense had the opportunity to sit down with Pierre Masson of the Masson Family Foundation, to see what has lead to their organization’s scholarship fundraising success.

What values provide the basis for why you are raising funds?

As we give back to the community, it is important for us that we are giving to areas that we are passionate about. We are a very aquatic based family and so the water polo community of Laguna Beach inspired us to create scholarships for student athletes to help them with their tuition in college.  Keeping the ocean clean and spreading the word about how to help our oceans is another area that we are passionate about. That being said, the Ocean Institute is another local organization that we are involved with that not only reflects our values, but those of the community too.

How is scripsense helping your organization with scholarship fundraising?

Scripsense has helped the Masson Family Foundation raise funds to create a greater impact on the community. Our 20 members have shopped and earned a significant amount towards our scholarships. Fundraising with scripsense has enabled us to give two $5,000 scholarships per year.  Scripsense has been a great resource for us in helping us raise enough funds for our foundation.

What inspires you?

Seeing the impact on the community and how it is continuously growing from our efforts is extremely motivating.  As our community members excel from Olympians, to artists, to small business owners, giving back and noticing these changes in their lives and bringing them together is beyond rewarding.

What is your favorite brand on the site?

Barnes and Nobles is definitely one of my favorites –I’m a book guy. I like a lot of things but especially enjoy reading history, anthropology, and political history books…and I’m really looking forward to the new season of Game of Thrones.

How do you think your community has benefited from scripsense?

Scripsense has really contributed to giving smaller organizations an extra tool for fundraising. It helps you get the best value out of the money that you spend and has allowed local organizations to grow and expand. It was much more difficult for them to do this without scrispense.

How many scholarships per year would you say the Masson Family Foundation funds?

It truly depends on our candidates. If we have multiple extraordinary candidates, then we do make exceptions. Usually we give one scholarship to a female aquatic athlete and another to a male aquatic athlete.

Personally, how have you been able to integrate scripsense into your daily routine?

It’s definitely an extra step, but one that’s easy to make a habit out of. It’s nice having a gift card already purchased because it helps you plan your purchases and makes it easy when you go to a store because you already know what you’re looking for. I’ve gotten into the routine of planning my purchases a little more. I like to visit the website as much as I can and do research on what stores are on scripsense before I make my purchases. It feels good being a more conscious consumer.

Have you noticed a change in the culture of the Masson Family Foundation since using scripsense?

I definitely feel that we are more conscious of our purchases and have learned to be aware of how our daily shopping can be used for our benefit.

What has been your best memory of working with the Masson Family Foundation?

There have been many, but giving out our scholarship awards and seeing the reaction makes me the happiest.

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