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Scripsense Sponsors the Women’s Philanthropy Fund Breakfast

Orange County Girl Scouts are Pictured at the Women's Philanthropy Fund Breakfast

What do Earvin “Magic” Johnson, the Girl Scouts, and Orange County professionals all have in common? They are all going to be present at the upcoming Women’s Philanthropy Fund Breakfast on May 8, 2018, at the Hotel Irvine Jamboree Center.

Every year Orange County United Way hosts an event that highlights breakfast as the most important meal of the day while providing an avenue for 800 professionals to raise funds for the next generation. Earvin “Magic” Johnson is a well-respected retired professional basketball player and the current president of basketball operations of the LA Lakers.  He is this year’s Orange County United Way Keynote Speaker and is sure to provide some great insight into how to overcome challenges as they come.

All funds at this event will be raised for at-risk women and children. Having raised more than $2 million in the past, this event is crucial in giving at-risk women and children access to health care services, reading programs, after-school activities, physical fitness, career guidance, and even help with finding permanent housing.

Scripsense, a digital fundraising marketplace, is a proud sponsor of the Women’s Philanthropy Fund Breakfast because our company values enabling others to give back to their communities. This year’s event is sold out but to learn more about how you can still get involved, click here.


BTS Innovation Spotlight: An Evening with Howard Behar

Melinda Masson Joins Dr. Mark Maier and Howard Behar for DinnerMelinda Masson, Scripsense Co-Founder/CEO, attended dinner yesterday evening with Dr. Mark Maier, Chapman University’s Organizational Leadership School Founder, and guest Howard Behar. Behar is the former Starbucks President of North America and the founding President of Starbucks International. During his career, he assisted in growing the company from 28 stores to more than 15,000.

Together they discussed the lessons learned from his life at Starbucks such as how to put people first and that while you can “train pets,” people should be “educated and coached.”

Shop Starbucks through the Gift of Choice eGift Card on and help give back to those in your community today! #LifestyleOfGiving

4 Benefits Of Online Donations & Why You Should Consider Them for Your Organization Today

Woman Looking At Her Computer Happily After Making Online Donations To Her Favorite Cause.

New Feature Alert: Scripsense announces that organizations can now accept direct monetary donations through the “Donate Now” feature on the site! To make this feature available to you, please contact us at

There are many ways to fundraise today and it can be difficult to determine what method is best for your organization. There are several positives to fundraising online. Below are 4 benefits that shed light on how online donations can really make a positive impact on your fundraising goals today:

  1. Around the Clock Fundraising

       Everyone is motivated by different situations when it comes to giving back to their community. For instance, when a natural disaster occurs that is a time when many come together. Everyone has busy schedules and they may not be able to make it to the onsite fundraising event that they want so badly to attend. Having an online donation feature on your site enables your members to donate at the time of their choosing and at a time that is financially best for them.

2. Simplicity of Options

      In our fast-paced world, we are frequently asked to make decisions on the spot. When it comes to ways to spend money or make purchases, these options are even greater, but it can be overwhelming. Giving your members the opportunity to avoid one less decision and simply donate to the positive cause of their choosing can increase their chances of participating and help simplify their life.

3. High Velocity, Low Touch

     After adding a donation feature to your organization’s site, it can handle a high volume of transactions and it will provide a savvy financial report for month’s end. Should your members have questions, they can contact for assistance! Your organization can continue to earn while you go about the rest of your day without concern.

4. Ease of Use and the Ability to Participate Quickly

     Reach your campaign goals faster by giving your members the opportunity to participate quickly and easily. Your members will likely have a deadline of when they need to reach their individual goals. Having an online donation feature available enables them to reach their goal at the push of a button.

Scripsense Online Donation Button Display

It’s a no-brainer to start looking into how to add the scripsense online benefits to your site today. If you are a leader for a new organization interested in learning more about what scripsense has to offer, please contact us at Why not earn every time you are shopping? Click here to see examples of how you can additionally earn for your organization now.


back to school guide 2017

Back-To-School: Get Prepped and Give Back in 5 Easy Ways

Getting ready for back-to-school shopping and looking to GIVE? We have put together a Back-To-School Guide to get you prepped and give to your organization in ONE simple step!

1. Shop school supplies the right way to earn big! 

By selecting Five Star as your choice of school supply shop, you can give 8% of your purchase back to your organization! Shop online from student planners, back-packs and pencils- they have it all. Five-Star can be your one-stop-shop for the back-to-school necessities! 

2. New school year calls for new clothes and BIG savings!

Shop affordable looks with GAP to look savvy for this upcoming year! Not only will you be stylish and ready, but you can be happy knowing 7% was donated back to your foundation or organization! Talk about feel good shopping. 

3. Quick & easy snacks and meals that satisfy the heart and stomach

One of the toughest tasks when juggling school and work is meal-prep! Shop Safeway eGift cards to shop at your local Safeway, Pavilions, Vons, and many more to fill your stomach and your heart knowing 3% went back to your organization! Look on their mobile site or Pinterest to check out some fun & easy recipes you will love!

4. Running around and wearing through shoes

With new clothes comes the need for some fresh new shoes, so if you are shopping on a dime and still want to look your best shop eGift card for Zappos! Not only would you be purchasing some fun new kicks, but you will also be donating 5% back to your organization. From sneakers to heels this site offers it all, so lets go shopping and get giving. 

5. Impress new friends and teachers with a thoughtful gift

Help calm those nerves and stand-out by bringing in a little gift! Grab an eGift card for 1-800-flowers to purchase flowers for your teacher and you will be earning 9% back to your organization! For fellow students and potential new friends, consider ordering some delicious Mrs. Fields cookies to give 5% back and impress all those around you. Now this is a win-win!

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5 Easy Fundraising Ideas to Help You Give More in 2017!

Whether you are fundraising for your school, church, team, foundation or any other organization, we can help! Here are some simple ways to give back to the organizations you care about:

1. Set Specific Giving Goals and Write Them Down: Writing down your goals is proven to increase the odds of achieving them! How much do you want to earn for your organization each month? Do you want to beat the amount you gave in 2016? Be specific and place the paper somewhere you see everyday as a positive reminder!

High School Fundraising is Easy with Scripsense

Scripsense Has Graduated to High School! Fundraising for Education Made Easy!

High school fundraising is easy with scripsense. We can help your academic institution raise money for tuition assistance programs, after school programs, athletics, the arts, building funds and so much more!

From NorCal to SoCal, scripsense has revolutionized the concept of giving and redefined what it means to be philanthropic.

Co-Founder Spotlight – Melinda Masson

Co-Founder Announcement Melinda-01

CEO Melinda Masson founded her first company in her early 20’s – Merit Property Management, Inc. – with a single contract for management of a condominium project. Masson continued her entrepreneurial ways for 30 years and added 4 more real estate related service companies, eventually morphing her enterprises into the Merit Companies. In 2007, Masson bundled her companies and sold them to FirstService Corporation (NASDAQ;FSRV;TSX:FSV), a publicly traded company.

As a mother of 3 and business owner, Masson has always been engaged with philanthropic organizations. Whether it is serving on the boards of directors, participating in key committees, or conducting strategic planning sessions to enhance their business plan; philanthropy and its unique challenges are well known to Masson. Known for her strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and the integration of new business models, Masson leads the business planning and alignment with key business partners to enhance scripsense. Her role as CEO will help make scripsense a household name. She continues to unveil new opportunities worldwide to support and develop the greater good to bring scripsense to every community.

#scripsense #ALifestyleOfGiving

Co-Founder Spotlight – Lori Jackson

Co-Founder - Lori Jackson

President Lori Jackson has been in public relations as a fundraising advocate for more than two decades.

After working for the National Football League in public relations, Lori became more involved in outreach and enhancing community relation commitments. Throughout her career, she helped develop National Brands in supporting non-profits and launched community relation programs for master planned communities in California.

Coupled with her first-hand experience of the crucial role of fundraising, her focus of raising money for nonprofits was made even more personal once Lori’s 4 children were enrolled in private schools. After serving on committees and co-chairing events, it became clear that the traditional ways of scrip fundraising had been too cumbersome and less effective. Combining her background in public relations and marketing with her understanding of the needs of nonprofits, Lori co-founded scripsense to revitalize the industry and create a new lifestyle of giving.

#scripsense #ALifestyleOfGiving